Closing: February 2014
Industry: Distribution of optical products
Transaction Type: Development Capital
Participation: 46%
Revenues: Euro 67 mln

Vision Group is the Italian market leader by number of affiliated points of sale in the distribution of optical products (ca. 2100). 

The Company was founded in 1989 by a number of opticians interested in adopting common strategies towards consumers and suppliers. During the last 10 years, Vision Group steadily grew both organically and by acquisitions: it is currently completing its evolution from a simple trade group to an integrated retail company, also by developing a directly managed and a franchise network (under the brand VisionOttica, 260 points of sales).


Closing: February 2018
Industry: Leather coating
Transaction Type: Buy-out
Participation: 100% 
Revenues: Euro 23 mln

Chiorino Technology, established in Biella in early 1980’s, is specialised in the finishing of leather for the luxury segment of the leather goods industry. Chiorino serves a broad customers base composed by the most important international luxury brands. The company operates a fully owned industrial site with plant and machineries compliant with the strictest industrial and environmental regulations.

Closing: August 2018
Industry: Extrusion of plastic tubes
Transaction Type: Buy-out
Participation: 75%
Revenues: Euro 24 mln

Castello Italia, headquartered in Casalmorano, is a leading extrusion plastic tube manufacturer, focused on the automotive and industrial equipment markets. Castello produces mainly tubes and coils for airbrake, Selective Catalytic Reduction and cooling systems as well as tubes for pneumatic and automation applications. Castello’s customers are the major automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers focused on innovative systems, as well as industrial OEMs and distributors.

Closing: February 2020
Industry: Secondary pharmaceutical packaging
Transaction Type: Buy-out
Participation: 50%
Revenues: Euro 13 mln

Grafiche Favillini, founded in Livorno in 1886, is active in the paper converting sector and specializes in the production of secondary cardboard packaging exclusively for the pharmaceutical / nutraceutical sector. Customers are leading pharmaceutical companies and Contract Manufacturing Organization that need a product with high technical specifications in a quick time.

In July 2020 Grafiche Favillini acquired 100% of Idea Grafica, based in Liscate (MI), a company active in the manufacturing of boxes and leaflets for leading companies in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sector. The strategic partnership has created a key player in the reference market with a turnover of over €25 million.





Closing: January 2015
Industry: Special adhesive tapes for the industrial sector
Transaction Type: Buy-out
Participation: 97%
Revenues: Euro 25 mln

h-old, headquartered in Biandrate (Novara), is a leading supplier of special adhesive tapes for the industrial sector. h-old was founded in 1982 as a supplier of chemicals products for adhesive tapes manufacturers, and it is now one of the main European manufacturer of special adhesive tapes for industrial use, with a strong international presence (export share is ca. 80%). The special adhesive tapes manufactured by h-old, single and double-coated, are used in various industrial sectors: electromechanical, electronics, automotive, construction and shipbuilding. h-old produces high quality products and is able to guarantee a wide range of solutions tailored to specific customer needs, along with a high level of customer service.

The company was sold to Saint-Gobain in October 2016.


Closing: June 2013
Industry: Manufacturing (high strenght fasteners)
Transaction Type: Buy-out
Participation: 100%
Revenues: Euro 13 mln

VSP Fasteners, headquartered in Brugherio, in the outskirts of Milan, manufactures and sells high strength bolts and fasteners of medium to large diameters (up to 80 mm). VSP was founded in 1978 as a distributor of fastening solutions, and then started manufacturing high strength fasteners in the ‘80s. It is now one of the few European companies offering standard and special fastener solutions plus flexible tailored services, manufactured with either hot and cold forging technology. VSP exports ca. 80% of its turnover, mainly to Germany and Northern European Countries. Its customer portfolio is composed of both large international distributors and end-users active in the mechanics, construction and infrastructure, wind energy, earthmoving and ground handling machinery and ship building sectors.

Exited in August 2017 through disposal to Max Mothes GmbH, leading specialised distributor in North Europe.

Closing: July 2015 
Industry: Contract Manufacturing and proprietary generic drugs

Transaction Type: Buy-out 
Participation: 54%
Revenues: Euro 17 mln

Lisapharma, headquartered in Erba (Como), is a pharmaceutical company active as Contract Manufacturer and seller of proprietary generic drugs (primarily injectables). Founded in 1925, starting from 2000 the Company has specialized in injectable products, semisolids and liquid oral products. The company serves a broad international client portfolio: 85% of the turnover is generated from export in 40 countries. Lisapharma operates a fully owned industrial site with a surface of 6,000 m2.

The company was sold to Shandong Sito Bio – Technology Co. Ltd in October 2019.